A Day Trip to Brunswick Maine Uncovers Remarkable Beauty and Intriguing History

by Samantha on Apr 11, 2017 2:41:24 PM

Maine is overflowing with intrigue. Perhaps it's the consummate combination of wild natural beauty, the spirit of the people, and the bounteous history that fills every pathway and stone. Whatever it may be, the state is longing to be discovered again and again. One such gem of a Maine-place begging to be experienced is the town of Brunswick.


Photo: Brunswick Downtown Association 

A History From of Old

Brunswick Maine settled at the falls of the Androscoggin River, was originally called by another name: "Pejepscot". This name came from the native Indians in the land and described the rocky and rapid-like part of the river. The name would stay for 100 years after Thomas Purchase established the town in 1628. As part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Brunswick was incorporated in 1739 and would be known as a successful seaport and lumber producer in time to come.

The history of Brunswick runs deep and long and that is exactly why it is so intriguing. You can take a walk through the past in the woodland or perhaps in the Arctic when you visit:

1,000 Acres for the People

If you venture through this community, one experience is not to be missed: the Brunswick Town Commons. This 1,000 acre plot of land was donated to the people of the area by the Pejepscot Proprietors in 1719. Filled with lush woodland, over 41 species of trees and shrubs, and home to the Brunswick Naval Air Station, these commons are spellbinding and full of variety. Located off of Harpswell Road/Route 123, you can find a parking area that leads to a sensational trail system open all year round. In the spring one can take a picnic lunch and explore the woodlands alive with Red Maples, Shadbrush, Cherries, Viburnum and Ladies' Slippers. You can see the granite markers which sit on the boundary lines of the common, put there in 1891. With your hand embracing a camera and your eyes embracing the magnificence around you which was planted in time hundreds of years ago, you will no doubt stand in awe of the adventure at your feet.

An Expedition Northward

Without leaving town you can be whisked away to "the North". At the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum in Hubbard Hall of Bowdoin College you can see the Arctic and its audacious explorers as if you were almost there. Long renown for its research in the north, the museum celebrates graduates and expedition leaders Robert E. Peary (from the class of 1877) and Donald B. MacMillan (from the class of 1898). Both men made a significant impact on the study of the Arctic, as clearly seen in the various exhibits. Walk through collections of natural life specimens of plants and animals, Inuit art, archival papers, and expedition equipment. MacMillan himself donated over 9,000 images and several motion pictures of Greenland, Labrador, and Baffin Island that you can enjoy. 

The bravery of the men who explored the Arctic will capture your imagination in this wonderful museum on the beautiful campus of Bowdoin.


With so many more places to see and experience, Brunswick is a treasure to be explored! Only one hour from Dove Way, it is the perfect day trip for a delightful walk through history and natural beauty. Come uncover and rediscover this special area; we encourage you to make your way here and stay awhile in Maine!


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